Welcome to Clear Waters Journey!

Often, as we move along our paths, we forget to consult with our own intuition. We accept jobs that promise to pay our bills but we truly do not enjoy, get involved in relationships that fail to bring joy, continue running into obstacles or walk in circles. As a result, we start doubting ourselves and our choices. In some cases, health challenges and dis-eases manifest in physical bodies as well. When it becomes harder to navigate through the murky waters of life, we wish we could see clearly which path to take and in which direction to go. In the midst of all this, we fall out of touch with what is important: the beauty of our true selves and our own power to create the life we desire.

Before the reading, I invite your Soul to connect with my Soul, to share messages that it wants you to know. My intention is to remain open to the love energy of the Divine and the limitless Soul by allowing the messages to flow in. During the connection, I follow my intuitive guidance and may also receive intuitive impressions by seeing, sensing, knowing, feeling, or hearing the information.

As a lot of information comes from the Soul, some sessions may become deeply personal and emotional, which leads me to add that I maintain a high standard of ethics and confidentiality in my work. While every session is different, depending on the needs of a client, they all have a common thread of empowerment and healing. Spirit is always here to provide guidance, help solve or heal a situation.

I am a strong believer that intuitive readings have no value if they are merely a list of predictions of where your life is currently heading without deeper understanding and guidance behind them. My intention is to help you become empowered to achieve your highest potential of a beautiful infinite being that you are and take steps towards a happier, more balanced and fulfilled life. My deepest wish is that these readings remind you of how powerful, wise, how loved and how much in control of your destiny you really are!

Please contact me if you have any questions.