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Often, as we move along our paths, we forget to consult with our own intuition. We accept jobs that promise to pay the bills but we truly do not enjoy, get involved in relationships that do not last or fail to bring joy, continue running into obstacles, and as a result, we start doubting ourselves and our choices. When it becomes harder to navigate murky waters of life, we wish we could see clearly which paths to take. In the midst of all this, we fall out of touch with what is important: the beauty of our true selves and our own power to create the life we desire.

As our decisions and choices become driven by our logical minds, we forget that deep below, our Higher Self, our Soul and the Spirit Guides are waiting for us to pause and look within. This is where we connect with our inner wisdom and uncover many treasured answers that lie just within our reach!

During readings, Ally receives messages via her clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient spiritual gifts. As an empath, she is very compassionate and understanding of clients’ struggles and situations. While every session is different, depending on the needs of a client, they all have a common thread of empowerment and healing. Spirit is always here to provide guidance, help solve or heal a situation, recognize patters, etc.

All sessions that I provide have a strong coaching undertone and are designed to help you navigate energies and situations you may be experiencing in your life. I am a strong believer that intuitive readings have no value if they are merely a list of predictions of where your life is currently heading without deeper understanding and guidance behind them. My goal is to help you to gain clarity on your path and become empowered to achieve your highest potential of a beautiful infinite being. My deepest wish is that these readings remind you of how powerful, wise, and how much in control of your destiny you really are!

Contact me if you would like to start Your Journey to the Clear Waters! I am so grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be your Intuitive on this exciting path!

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Here’s what Clients have to say about their experience:

Mary: LOVED having a reading with Ally! What a joyful occasion! As an evidential medium, it’s rare to get a reading myself, so I was delighted. I was even more delighted when she brought through my Dad, and completely nailed it. What I look for in a medium: joy, evidence, love, and humor. Ally’s got these in spades!

Joyce: Ally is very easy to connect with. She cares and her compassion and understanding give her a basis for readings. Ally is accurate, she asks Spirit specific questions and provides accurate information. I will definitely use her for readings in the future.

Lisa: I was privileged to be able to get a reading from Ally Black. The acknowledgements that came through my past loved ones were so assuring. I was very impressed with the details that she was able to communicate from them to me. From their descriptions, where they lived, and even details about special gifts that were given on occasions, she was very closely connected.
Ally’s reading was so natural. Information was flowing from her. I was easily able to know exactly who was coming through because of her detailed descriptions. When the reading was finished, I was left feeling at peace and full of love, knowing my loved ones in heaven are with me always.

Theresa: To be honest, I had a default stance of skepticism about spiritual mediumship. Even when I became open to the idea of psychic, non-localized knowledge, it was hard to know whom to trust! Being a scientist, I trust only what has been reported by an impeachable source or through a direct, personal experience. After working with Ally, I trust her abilities, because, among other astonishing insights, she knew an important deeply personal fact that only three
people in the world know about me. And she’s so kind and just lovely that I really like her as a person! It feels
kind of arrogant for me to say, but Ally has fulfilled the two criteria of a trusted psychic counseling relationship:
1) talent for spiritual mediumship and 2) kindness of the person herself.
Ally is gifted; she gave me really deep, precise knowledge at a time in my life when I had a lot of uncertainty. This way or that way? Is this a good thing or a wrong thing? In a thoughtful, methodical way, Ally gave me precise details so that I can accept her insights. This is what I liked about her. She seemed to know that these details are not about testing but about helping me take in, accept so that I can reflect.
One more about Ally as a person. She’s totally normal, which sounds weird to say! But, there was no artificiality or
theatricality about her and it was clear to me that she was simply a good, normal person who was gifted in
communication, with other dimensions of knowledge and delivering that information to me. She can communicate
precisely, not to impose certainty where none can exist but to describe the situation clearly so that I understand
deeper, better. Yes, I like Ally very much and feel happy and lucky to know her.

Tasha: Ally is absolutely fantastic. Her reading are full of accurate information said with caring and compassion. I’ve had many readings, and am a reader myself, she’s the real deal. She doesn’t only give you a sentence or two for each question, and you can tell she puts a lot of thought behind what she’s saying and that she’s truly connecting. She is a very gifted tarot reader, psychic and medium. Her reading was spot on to my situation and she gave me valuable guidance. Don’t hesitate to purchase from her. Will be back!

Mariah: Powerful Messages and insights delivered so gracefully!!!! There are no words or other reviews that could ever do justice for how authentic, personable, elegant, and professional Ally is!!! Blessings to you Ally!!!

Raelle: I am a reader too and I’m pretty picky about the readings I receive. When I first met Ally, I had a good feeling about her and I’m glad I trusted my intuition. Ally is passionate but more importantly, she is compassionate. She really cares about her clients and puts a great deal of time and energy into all of her readings. She is amazing and I have so much respect for her time, talents, and insights. I sincerely hope you will consider giving her services a try.