How Life Taught Me to Cease Each Moment

If your life is anything like mine, then it is a string of constant changes and random events. Welcome to my boat! And don’t worry about bringing any oars, we won’t be needing them.

When I married my husband, almost twenty years ago, we embarked together on a wild ride that is the military life. Holding hands and ready for a thrill, we signed up for an experience that has indeed been thrilling, and at times quite chilling. More than anything, it taught me very valuable life lessons. In fact, I find that many of my clients go through similar experiences, in a different form, of course, but they still arrive at the same realization.

Imagine for a second what happens when you go whitewater rafting and the power of moving water throws the boat off course. You automatically reach to grab on to something, to maintain your balance and, preferably, to remain safely in the boat. The same thought patterns geared towards survival are wired in our brain pathways for all circumstances in life.

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Self-care Life Hacks for Empaths

As we go about our everyday life, enjoying or loathing our experiences, we are always surrounded by an entire realm of energetic interactions. These subtle energies are not easily palpable, and cannot be perceived by the regular senses.

For example, many people have experienced a fleeting feeling that some presence was in a room with them, when no one was actually present. Similarly, most people, even when blindfolded, can sense a person standing next to them. Or sometimes, when we buy a home or car, for example, we become aware that something ‘feels off’ about it, but we just cannot quite put our finger on it.

In such cases we are perceiving energy with our so-called ‘sixth sense.’ We cannot physically see, smell, hear, taste or feel the energy, but we ‘sense’ it intuitively. It is also known as clairsentience or extra-sensory perception, which is perception beyond the five normal senses.

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Tips for Empaths: How to heal mood swings and release negative energy

I am going to let you in on a little secret: if you are an Empath (a person who is naturally sensitive to emotions and energy), there is a HUGE chance you absorb other peoples’ energy daily without even realizing you do it! Imagine wearing someone else’s clothes: they are not comfortable and make you feel out of sorts. It took me years to figure it out. For a while, I though I had frequent mood swings and I was destined to deal with it. At times, my mood would change from high to low within seconds, just like that, without any particular reason. Sometimes, several times a day. Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning in the darkest mood, while I went to bed having a perfectly happy attitude. No reason, no explanation, just emotional unpredictability. Without being aware of reasons to this and not having any tools under my belt, it would take me days to get out of the “funk” and start seeing the light again.

If this sounds like you, do not despair! There is an easy fix, and it only took me thirty something years to figure out! And I thought I was a quick learner! After I accepted meditation into my regular spiritual practice, I learned what my normal energy felt like. It was not heavy, it was not sad, or depressed; it was light, bright, fluffy, and happy. This was my base-level: a state of energy that I normally have without being affected by external influences.

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Wisdom of the Fool’s Card: Personal Journey into the Unknown

I am always amazed to see how children are not afraid to ask questions about things they do not understand. They are naturally open to learning. As a child, I was also extremely inquisitive and liked to come up with loaded questions that made my parents go “Um…” How would one answer a curious five year old who wanted to know why an oak was an oak and a cat was a cat. The answer that God made them was just not quite enough. I needed to know who God was and what he felt like. As I grew up, life got too busy for posing rhetorical questions. It was much easier to simply accept things the way they have always been. But even despite my attempted acceptance, I couldn’t help but recognize that when I needed help, a sincere prayer would always bring relief and solutions. I put a desire to know what was lying beyond common beliefs on a far shelf until the time and opportunity presented themselves.

While being spiritually open, my formal education and later career were very down-to-earth. I chose a safe path that I was able to see and touch; how much more grounded can the financial industry be? After years of working with people helping them solve financial dilemmas, I completed my Master’s degree in Business Management, and interestingly enough, although I loved what I did, I didn’t feel gravitated back to banking. My desire to look for deeper answers to life has spontaneously re-kindled, as if the clock has struck and the time has come.

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