Intuitive Reading

Some tips for getting the most benefit from your reading:

Many clients find that writing down a question in advance helps them to get the most out of the session.

Set aside any expectations, fear or doubts, and ask your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to step forward and communicate with my Spirit Team. Lower vibrational emotions, such as fear and doubts, constrict both intuitive channels. Positive feelings, on the other hand, including happiness, joy, and faith, raise vibrations and expand the communication channels. So in essence, you can directly affect how successful your reading is just by being open and positive to the experience.

I do not do readings for people who do not request or are present at a reading as I believe that a person has to express his or her desire and openness to being read and to receive personal guidance.

Please refrain from booking a reading if you want someone to find out the winning lottery numbers or the first letters of your future soul mate. That is not how divine guidance works! Instead, I invite you to think of what comes up in your reading as a map of the possibilities that surround you in this moment.

Can be done via e-mail, phone (within the United States), or Skype (anywhere in the world).

Reading is done first comes first services; Once Payment is completed through Pay pal, I will notify you by email and set up an appointment within 48 to 72 hours after making purchase. Any questions before making a purchase please email at

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