I am excited to announce that One-on-One Spiritual Coaching is now available! It is not a recorded class, or a one-way webinar. During every session, we connect one on one by phone or Zoom to work with you individually on a Soul level!

Coaching is customized to the needs of the client and helps to uncover and face self-doubts, fears, and insecurities, as well as identify strengths, passions, and talents that support your path. It is a combination of intuitive insights, Soul impressions, and learning spiritual practices that can help you to get in touch with your Soul your Higher Self, and bring more joy into your every day life.

As your personal Spiritual Coach, I will guide you on your personal journey of self-exploration and growth. Your job in this cooperation is to own the process and responsibility to improve your own life. Only you can make changes that ring true to your Soul.  The solutions are already inside of you, and my role as a Coach is to guide you to the place of trusting yourself!

A Spiritual Coaching package consists of 4 sessions that take place once a week and typically last 30-45 minutes. We will work out a mutually convenient schedule for the meetings. Some sessions may also include home assignments for a deeper reflection and understanding. Sessions can be conducted via phone (within the U.S.) or Zoom (U.S. or International).

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Spiritual Coaching