Tips for Empaths: How to heal mood swings and release negative energy

I am going to let you in on a little secret: if you are an Empath (a person who is naturally sensitive to emotions and energy), there is a HUGE chance you absorb other peoples’ energy daily without even realizing you do it! Imagine wearing someone else’s clothes: they are not comfortable and make you feel out of sorts. It took me years to figure it out. For a while, I though I had frequent mood swings and I was destined to deal with it. At times, my mood would change from high to low within seconds, just like that, without any particular reason. Sometimes, several times a day. Sometimes, I would wake up in the morning in the darkest mood, while I went to bed having a perfectly happy attitude. No reason, no explanation, just emotional unpredictability. Without being aware of reasons to this and not having any tools under my belt, it would take me days to get out of the “funk” and start seeing the light again.

If this sounds like you, do not despair! There is an easy fix, and it only took me thirty something years to figure out! And I thought I was a quick learner! After I accepted meditation into my regular spiritual practice, I learned what my normal energy felt like. It was not heavy, it was not sad, or depressed; it was light, bright, fluffy, and happy. This was my base-level: a state of energy that I normally have without being affected by external influences.

Now being aware of my base-line energy, I can easily tell when I have an energetic change. I can also tell when my energy “gauges” are approaching the red zone. In fact, I either start “seeing red”, meaning that everything and everyone irritate me beyond limits, or seeing “dark”, meaning I adopt a pessimistic world view. That is when I know I have gone too long without my “energetic shower” and I need to cleanse and re-charge. The more aware you are of your energy levels and stay on top of it, the less time you will need to spend in meditation restoring your balanced state.  The longer you go without an “energetic” tune-up, the more time you will need to dedicate to cleaning up your energy. Think of physical exercise: if you show up at the gym once a month, you may be more comfortable walking than cross-fitting. On the other hand, if you exercise regularly, a high-vibe cross-fit routine may not be as painful!

Here is a meditation that helps me recharge my batteries quickly and remove unnecessary “muck” out of my energy field. As I meditate, I like to turn on a soft meditation music to help me focus and relax while surrendering to the process.

First, let’s take three deep breaths in and out to connect.

Imagine a golden pilot light within your core. Breathe into it and expand it with your intention. Feel its warmth, see its bright golden color.

Gently place your awareness on this light and send out a ray into the Earth, see it going through the layers, deep into the Earth core: connecting, anchoring, and grounding you.  Breathe in, feel Mother Gaya’s energy coming up your lower body to your heart. Feel yourself being pulled by gravity towards the Earth.

Now that you have established the grounding connection, send another ray light into the Cosmos, to the Creator, to the Highest Source. See it going through many dimensions, connecting you, your Angels and Guides, and ultimately the Creator.

Feel that connection, feel the higher vibrational energy pouring into you through your higher chakras in to the heart.

As you breath, allow both energies to blend, flow through your body, sense their gentle movement. Tune into them, feel and see them. As you breathe in, pull in this new energy.  As you breathe out, release expired, old energy. Feel your body energy rejuvenating, becoming lighter, higher.

Allow this surge of new energy to fuel your inner pilot light, expanding it from inside of your core, through your body, into your aura. Feel and see yourself beaming with white light.

Feel yourself illuminated with this luminescent white light, as if you are a white glowing bubble of vibrating, dimensional light, full of love and higher consciousness.

Stay in it and allow it to move through your aura, within your body, allow it to fill you and bask in it, surrendering to the experience.

As you give yourself permission to sense this energy, you may feel it as warmth, love, compassion, acceptance, gratitude. You may see some colors: pink, purple, golden, white. Whichever way you perceive and receive it, is right for you at this moment.

When you feel your energy light, clean, calm and centered, send gratitude to the Creator for allowing you to cleanse and recharge with loving Divine light.

This simple meditation can yield a lot of benefits! It clears out all that is not yours, recharges and refuels your own energy supply so you can enjoy your life and whatever it is that you do that makes you happy! I use different meditations for different purposes. This one in particular gets me connected quickly and brings palpable results! Use it when you feel your energy getting heavier than normal. As you learn to meditate and trust the process, your Guides may teach you meditations that are more suited for your personalized use. I would like to share this tool to get you started on your journey of energy self-management!


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